Average Answer Time by Department

Shelby County TN: Answer Times and Class of Service

The Current National Emergency Number Association (NENA) Call Answering Standard/Model Recommendation:

3.1 Standard for answering 9-1-1 Calls. Ninety percent (90%) of all 9-1-1 calls arriving at the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) shall be answered within ten (10) seconds during the busy hour (the hour each day with the greatest call volume, as defined in the NENA Master Glossary). Ninety-five (95%) of all 9-1-1 calls should be answered within twenty (20) seconds.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards:

7.4.1* Ninety-five percent of alarms received on emergency lines shall be answered within 15 seconds, and 99 percent of alarms shall be answered within 40 seconds. (For documentation requirements, see 12.5.2.) Compliance with 7.4.1 shall be evaluated monthly using data from the previous month.

12.5.2  Statistical analysis for call and dispatch performance measurement shall be done monthly and compiled over a 1-year period.

Public Safety Answering Point Name and Average Answer Time (in Seconds)

Answer Times - Last full day

Public Safety Answering Point0-10s11-15s16-20s21-40s41-60s61-120s120s+TotalNENA (%)NFPA (%)
Bartlett Police3700000037100100
Collierville Police3600000036100100
Germantown Police4200000042100100
Memphis Fire375125436240792.1495.09
Memphis PD Primary Site A753031208489.2992.86
Memphis PD Primary Site B158068345216140176489.5793.42
Millington Police301000003196.77100
Shelby County Fire Department2200000022100100
Shelby County Sheriffs Office14610000014799.32100

Answer Times - Last full month

Public Safety Answering Point0-10s11-15s16-20s21-40s41-60s61-120s120s+TotalNENA (%)NFPA (%)
Bartlett Police1170401000117599.5799.91
Collierville Police10021561100102597.7699.22
Collierville Police Backup10000001100100
Germantown Police997601000100499.399.9
Memphis Fire101484452133682323201221184885.6589.41
Memphis PD Primary Site A3391111612037091.6294.59
Memphis PD Primary Site B51602265614372065659377645886087.6792.18
Millington Police463176300048994.6898.16
Shelby County Fire Department66192300067597.9399.26
Shelby County Sheriffs Office42142774350100458591.9197.95

Class Of Service - Last full day

Bartlett Police6132141137
Collierville Police41320836
Germantown Police11725842
Memphis Fire303183026957407
Memphis PD Primary Site A10195144584
Memphis PD Primary Site B5442648928876531764
Millington Police22131431
Shelby County Fire Department4411322
Shelby County Sheriffs Office13212516147

Class Of Service - Last full month

Bartlett Police9827481754864041175
Collierville Police471836587151601025
Collierville Police Backup11
Germantown Police69331147795941981004
Memphis Fire466352081166718047847172811848
Memphis PD Primary Site A34111282781206370
Memphis PD Primary Site B1596383936345113722598297832221558860
Millington Police3323419214187489
Shelby County Fire Department46721664340146675
Shelby County Sheriffs Office100286616611733707384585
  • BUSN = Business
  • COIN = Pay phone
  • NONE = No data
  • PBXB = Business PBX
  • RESD = Residential
  • VOIP = Voice over IP
  • WPH2 = Wireless Phase 2
  • WRLS = Wireless Phase 1

Non-Emergency Numbers

For situations that require assistance but are not life-threatening, contact the public safety agency listed below that serves your location.


    • Bartlett Police
    • 901-385-5555

    • Collierville Police
    • 901-853-3207

    • Germantown Police
    • 901-754-7222

    • Memphis Police
    • 901-545-2677

    • Millington Police
    • 901-872-3333


    • Memphis Fire
    • 901-458-8281
    • Shelby County Fire
    • 901-222-8000

Shelby County Sheriff’s Office

    • Shelby County Sheriff
    • 901-379-7625

You may also call 2-1-1 for information on how to contact resources to help you with a wide variety of non-emergency situations, or visit the 2-1-1 website for additional information.

For information on road and traffic conditions in the area, call 5-1-1 or visit the 5-1-1 website.