Average Answer Time by Department

Shelby County TN: Answer Times and Class of Service

The Current National Emergency Number Association (NENA) Call Answering Standard/Model Recommendation:

3.1 Standard for answering 9-1-1 Calls. Ninety percent (90%) of all 9-1-1 calls arriving at the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) shall be answered within ten (10) seconds during the busy hour (the hour each day with the greatest call volume, as defined in the NENA Master Glossary). Ninety-five (95%) of all 9-1-1 calls should be answered within twenty (20) seconds.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards:

7.4.1* Ninety-five percent of alarms received on emergency lines shall be answered within 15 seconds, and 99 percent of alarms shall be answered within 40 seconds. (For documentation requirements, see 12.5.2.) Compliance with 7.4.1 shall be evaluated monthly using data from the previous month.

12.5.2  Statistical analysis for call and dispatch performance measurement shall be done monthly and compiled over a 1-year period.

Public Safety Answering Point Name and Average Answer Time (in Seconds)

Answer Times - Last full day

Public Safety Answering Point0-10s11-15s16-20s21-40s41-60s61-120s120s+TotalNENA (%)NFPA (%)
Bartlett Police421000004397.67100
Collierville Police330100003497.0697.06
Germantown Police321000003396.97100
Memphis Fire Primary Site B (Flicker)397114227171247084.4786.81
Memphis PD Primary Site A10000001100100
Memphis PD Primary Site B1818816110724160210786.2890.13
Millington Police80000008100100
Shelby County Fire Department221000002395.65100
Shelby County Sheriffs Office90185820012373.1787.8

Answer Times - Last full month

Public Safety Answering Point0-10s11-15s16-20s21-40s41-60s61-120s120s+TotalNENA (%)NFPA (%)
Bartlett Police13351012000134899.0499.78
Collierville Police969164100099097.8899.49
Collierville Police Backup2100000021100100
Germantown Police94130100094599.5899.89
Germantown Police Backup10000001100100
Memphis Fire Primary Site B (Flicker)121483441533121882951801362089.1991.72
Memphis PD Primary Site A43810218409445.7454.26
Memphis PD Primary Site B58328203413312363681310266507389.6392.76
Millington Police51882210053197.5599.06
Shelby County Fire Department1040100000104199.9100
Shelby County Sheriffs Office38145342101553290475480.2391.46

Class Of Service - Last full day

Bartlett Police2529743
Collierville Police128534
Germantown Police1426233
Memphis Fire Primary Site B (Flicker)111113137046470
Memphis PD Primary Site A11
Memphis PD Primary Site B3615112310014015302107
Millington Police88
Shelby County Fire Department112123
Shelby County Sheriffs Office1251105123

Class Of Service - Last full month

Bartlett Police1446321459151961348
Collierville Police1011432077765100990
Collierville Police Backup21921
Germantown Police431182012465485945
Germantown Police Backup11
Memphis Fire Primary Site B (Flicker)241131359337920210533151113620
Memphis PD Primary Site A21111543494
Memphis PD Primary Site B834113152254666252784433971714565073
Millington Police177282443718531
Shelby County Fire Department1412916985411041
Shelby County Sheriffs Office6513617427138603744754

  • BUSN = Business
  • COIN = Pay phone
  • NONE = No data
  • PBXB = Business PBX
  • RESD = Residential
  • VOIP = Voice over IP
  • WPH2 = Wireless Phase 2
  • WRLS = Wireless Phase 1

Non-Emergency Numbers

For situations that require assistance but are not life-threatening, contact the public safety agency listed below that serves your location.


    • Bartlett Police
    • 901-385-5555

    • Collierville Police
    • 901-853-3207

    • Germantown Police
    • 901-754-7222

    • Memphis Police
    • 901-545-2677

    • Millington Police
    • 901-872-3333


    • Memphis Fire
    • 901-458-8281

    • Shelby County Fire
    • 901-222-8000

Shelby County Sheriff’s Office

    • Shelby County Sheriff
    • 901-379-7625

You may also call 2-1-1 for information on how to contact resources to help you with a wide variety of non-emergency situations, or visit the 2-1-1 website for additional information.

For information on road and traffic conditions in the area, call 5-1-1 or visit the 5-1-1 website.