In this one-day program, topics include:

  • The nature of stress, stress disorders (acute/traumatic, chronic), and the mental and physical health impacts of unmanaged stress
  • Negative impacts of traumatic stress on personal health and work performance
  • Importance of supporting and personally embracing proactive stress management
  • Utilization of specific skills activating the Relaxation Response
  • Principles and skills for management of emotion and thinking under duress
  • Principles and skills for effective PSAP communication and conflict resolution
  • Importance of nutrition and exercise as a coping strategy

This comprehensive stress management class offers the tools and principles needed to recognize the impact of dispatcher stress and do something about it. Adopting an effective coping strategy can mean the difference between thriving in your career and retiring well, or constantly feeling tense and anxious under the pressure. With this class, dispatchers will understand exactly how to lower their stress levels while still making time for what matters.

Who is this program for?

  • Any public safety dispatcher
  • Training dispatcher
  • Lead dispatcher

This class is for Shelby County PSAP’s, but for other agencies whom may be interested call Sue Robinson at (901)380-3903.